The Basilica of St Mary Magdalen



The Basilica, now a listed monument, was built on the site of an ancient Merovingian church, which formerly housed the relics of Saint Mary Madgalene. It was erected between the 13th and 16th centuries in 3 successive phases. The Basilica is remarkably furnished: its nave harbours the great organs (listed monuments) built in 1773 by brother Isnard of the Couvent de Tarascon monastery, while the chancel is adorned with a carved wood and gold leaf halo portraying the Rapture of Mary Magdalene, also a listed monument. The Saint-Maximin Basilica is Provence's largest Gothic building, measuring 72.6 m in length and 32.7 m in width. The vaulted, cross-ribbed nave is 29.7 metres high.


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