Mother Marie Aimée, founder of the New Alliance community

A Short History of the New Alliance Community






Founded by Sister Marie-Aimée, the New Alliance Community was erected in the diocese of Séez on 14 September 1994 as a public association of the faithful, by Monsignor Dubigeon. It is a foundation destined to become an institute of religious apostolic life. It depends on the current Bishop of Seez, Bishop Habert.


Arrival in Montligeon


The community settled in La Chapelle-Montligeon in 1991 before succeeding the Benedictines of Montmartre in animating the spiritual life of the Shrine of Notre-Dame de Montligeon in 2000.

In 2009, the Sisters undertook the construction of their first Priory.



Life and Charism of the Sisters of the New Alliance 


Life of the Sisters


The sisters live together in a convent, according to the rule of St. Paul of the Cross, and lead an apostolic life which is both contemplative and missionary.

Contemplative by silence, solitude, prayer and Eucharistic adoration.

Missionary through spiritual listening, leading sessions, home visits, parish missions, etc.

Sewing, binding and making jams are all small handicrafts that allow the community to meet its own needs.







"To be at the service of Divine Mercy by radiating the love of the Eucharist". The colors of their habit, burgundy red and beige recall the colors of the Holy Species.

In addition, the Sisters of the New Alliance are under the patronage of Ste Gemma Galgani, a young Italian mystic of the early twentieth century, from whom they receive their Passionist spirituality. Like her, the sisters are attentive to pray for the deceased.


The New Alliance Community today


The New Alliance community currently has 12 members and welcomes new vocations into its only house at La Chapelle-Montligeon. It is also connected with those in communion with the New Alliance community: lay people, who, in keeping with their state of life, live according to the charism of the New Alliance Community.



New Alliance Community



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